Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Heavenly Inspiration

 Heavenly inspiration from a cathedral stained glass window

Fresh peaches and plums translate into a show of azaleas


                             From the water to the prairie

Expanses of storm clouds to masses of bluebells

Yellow Bananaquits on spikey foliage

From a Sailfish in Michigan to a Michigan Lily in Minnesota

You get the picture.  Get the color from everything.


Anonymous said...

Dear Gabby, What a highly imaginative posting! I love the way you have linked the colours from one image to another.

I am glad to have caught up with you once more after the demise, and now resurrection, of Blotanical.

Green City Gardeners said...

Dear Edith, Thank you for your comment! I was not aware of the demise and subsequent resurrection of Blotanical! Not enough time in the day. My new project is a large vegetable plot, so I am trying to learn about veg gardening, it's new for me. Fortunately, we are still under a thick blanket of snow, so I have some time to research. What is your latest project

Mitch McNeil said...

You need more money shots of mushrooms, generally speaking. They cry out for equal representation. Nice shot of hubby on his dinghy.