Thursday, October 14, 2010

Gabby is Getting CRANKY!!!

Gabby is getting cranky.  I have tried diplomacy, scientific facts, logic.  All to no end.  Why is Gabby getting cranky?  Because people keep putting leaves in bags! 

Put your leaves on your garden beds.  You do not need to remove leaves.  They are delicious, nutritious, and FREE. 

OK, I can't understand why you would need another reason to let your leaves be, but here's one:  Your gardens will suck big time if you remove your leaves.  Plants LOVE 'em!  Plants thrive on 'em! They are full of vitamins and minerals!  And talk about microbial activity!  Whoa, microbes a plenty!  Did someone say..."what about disease and fungus"?  I can't hear you!  Who told you that you're supposed to rake them off, put them in bags (preferably plastic) and pay to have them hauled off, then spend lots of money on fertilizer, mulch, and new plants  (because now your gardens suck)?  Gabby is telling you to leave them on.  And Gabby knows.

Gabby is no fun when she is cranky.                   

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Dang girl, time for you to turn on that sun lamp, seasonal affected disorder is taking its toll!

Besides, EVERYONE KNOWS that leaves make the best mulch to overwinter your garden.

So chillax with your favorite fall beverage and listen to the sound of autumn leaves breaking down and enriching the soil in gardens all around!