Monday, October 18, 2010

Gabby's Guide to Bulb Planting

Today, two of us from Green City Gardeners planted 1600 bulbs.  Damn, we're good.  In all modesty, I have found an efficient method that works better than anything else I have tried.  And I have been at this for a LONG time.  I have tried bulb planters, not practical for so many bulbs; augers and drills, only if the soil is perfectly soft and rock free (not typical); excavation of all soil, not good if you have existing perennials.

Follow the Gabby Guide to Bulb Planting for bulb planting en masse!

1.  Remove any annual plant material.  We have had such a weirdly warm season, that the annuals still look great!  So harden your heart and chop away.
Annuals in mid-October!!
2.  Loosen soil with garden fork.  Old-fashioned?  Maybe.  But very effective. 
Alison digging away

3.  Toss bulbs on top of bed.  Plant tightly for a fabulous spring show!

4.  For tulips, plant about 6" deep from top of bulb, plant pointy side up.  I use this great little hand shovel/knife.  Easy to dig since your soil is nice and loose.

5.  Cover bed with a generous helping of chopped leaves.

6.  Top leaves with compost, or very fine mulch (seen here), and don't forget to water in!

And Voila!  See what awaits you in the spring!

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